If you’ve ever been in love, you’ve likely experienced the wonderful intimacy you can enjoy in such relationships. The very thought of your partner triggers the most marvelous feelings, and you’re on cloud nine when you catch a glimpse of them.

Yet, it’s perfectly okay and even healthy to also be your own person. The hobbies you enjoy, your friends, and the personal adventures you still want to pursue are all reminders that you want to keep your own identity.

Demonstrating independence in your love relationship brings you benefits. You can:

  1. Maintain your sense of self. When you have solitary pursuits, you’re able to engage with your uniqueness. Bringing out your individual qualities ensures you’re a worthy partner.
  2. Make the relationship more interesting.When you bring your own personal interests to the table, you have something to share and talk about with your partner. You can teach them about your hobbies and they can share their special interests with you.
  3. Keep the relationship fresh. Spending time together is nice, but too much togetherness can cause relationship burn-out.
  • You’ll be a better partner if you each have time to pursue individual interests. Too much of the same things can spoil the relationship.

Your relationship will flourish as you grow in your own personal way. Rest assured that you have plenty of valid reasons to want your independence, even as you foster your romantic relationship.

Follow these steps to show healthy independence in your relationship:

  1. Take part in your own activities and interests. Participate in desired activities at least a few times a month.
  • Personal development ensures you’re well-rounded at home and in your career.
  1. Socialize with friends. Spend time with friends to ensure you stay grounded. Staying in touch helps you preserve the essence of the real you. Your friends know who you are and what you’ve been through. Connect with your inner self through your friends.
  2. Research topics that fascinate you as an individual. Let’s say you’ve just watched a movie filmed in Tuscany, Italy. Take it upon yourself to explore Tuscany through online websites, books, and other films. Ignite your mind by learning about a topic you’re passionate about.
  3. Share your feelings. Being an individual means staying in touch with your feelings and sharing them with others. You might even disagree with your partner and that’s okay.
  • Acknowledging and sharing your feelings will encourage your partner to do the same.
  1. Keep your mind, emotions, and sense of self intact. A healthy relationship requires two healthy individuals. Continue to express your own opinions and avoid losing sight of who you are.

If you follow these suggestions, you’ll start to feel more in touch with who you are as an individual, even if you’re in a close relationship. Your partner will be there to boost your confidence, as well as reinforce the commitment and connection in your relationship. Strive to be the best individual you can be, while enhancing what you have with the love of your life!